Australia prepares to reopen border by Christmas, says minister of Tourism

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Australia prepares to reopen border by Christmassays minister of Tourism
To achieve the goal, the national immunization rate must exceed 80%; As of this Wednesday (22), about 38% of Australians have received two doses of the vaccine against the new coronavirus
Australia is on track to allow the borders to be reopened by Christmas, the country’s trade, tourism and investment minister said on Wednesday (22).

“I empathize with Australians who haven’t had the opportunity to travel abroad this year,” said the minister, Dan Tehan, during a lecture organized by the National Press Club of Australia and streamed online due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.


He added: “It is another reason why everyone should be vaccinated and we have to follow the national plan that will open our international borders – at this rate, no later than Christmas.”

Earlier this week, Tehan presented some of the tasks that will need to happen to put the country on the path to reopening.

“It is extremely important that we do this preparatory work,” he said. One of these actions is the national vaccination rate exceeding 80%. Until this Wednesday, about 38% of Australians have received the two doses of vaccine against the new coronavirus.
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