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Politicas pro covid control

he Coronavirus pandemic has been affecting our families, businesses, communities and our lifestyles overall. During these times, we want to update you on how Allpurpose cleaners is addressing this situation.

We are reminded that, at this time,  we all are connected as never before. It is to say, we are being called to be the best version of ourselves, with the patience, understanding and compassion to move forward.
We’ve been a professional domestic & commercial cleaning service focused on customer satisfaction since 2016. However, as said before, In this period of a global pandemic, we made every effort to adapt, to better meet hygiene and infection control practices, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). T
These important safety factors contribute to a safe and healthy environment in the home, hospital, offices and other commercial buildings.
Our team of domestic & commercial cleaners here in Australia and the UK are dedicated to making sure the customer is always happy with the results. They have fully created professionals, giving you the best service and results.
Yours sincerely,
Laura Santos

CEO, Allpurposeclea ers



As you already know, we care about the environment and community safety. More than that, Allppurpose also follows the guidelines of the world health organization and any other regulations in the country, where we are located, will be respected in order to prevent or reduce cross-contamination or any type of dissemination of germs, bacteria and viruses.
Allpupose cleaners Management